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"sleeping for days on end."
I've been heising for 3 weeks"
by 0nceler March 19, 2003
1)The subliminal state of not-eating meat while shining your shoes, and listening to NPR. 2)(noun) a loud boisterous outburst caused by too much gin.
"Praire Home Companion" always makes me feel droughtoned.
by 0nceler March 19, 2003
(abbrev. for Viet-Cong.) A girl you will never be able to fuck, yet can't stop seeing.
I spent the weekend in a mountain cottage with my V.C., but never got to touch her once.
by 0nceler March 19, 2003
A trivial attempt at teaching compnent based programming with a language that ISNT REALLY A REAL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE!
RESOLVE/C++ is the anti-christ of programming.
The students suicide note cited CIS 221 for the reason he took his own life.
by 0nceler March 19, 2003
(n.)(heised) getting your punk-ass kicked outside of whitecastle
a black-eye, broken jaw; You just got heised, motherfucka!
by 0nceler March 19, 2003
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