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1. When your bladder is full and all you need is a little fantasy to bring you to orgasm.

2. When a girl sits on the toilet and holds her hand next to her genitalia and pees and it brings her to orgasm.
1. I wonder if anyone noticed that I had a peegasm during meditation at yoga today. I had to pee so bad, I couldn't control myself.
2. There's nothing better than feeling warm pee on my clit to get me off when you're not around, honey.
by 0kje March 07, 2008
When someone pays too much attention to another person with the goal being to get boned. Somewhere between hovering over and stalking.
Did you see Dave hoving on Karen at the party last night? She should have either punched him in the balls or given him a BJ.
by 0kje March 07, 2008

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