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3 definitions by 0MNIV0C4TI0N

A board that rationalizes. It has been found that rashboards are pretty useful for scratching rashes.

Can also be used to describe an incredibly stubborn and arrogant person who acts like a smart ass through his/her try hard attempts at rationalizing his/her behavior. People like this can often ruin a good joke by taking it seriously.
Travis stop being such a rashboard you fucking prick.
by 0MNIV0C4TI0N November 26, 2011
17 1
A pan that likes to try. A tryingpan is powered by the sheer essence of trying.

Can also be used to describe a person who is trying so hard that they are making everyone else around them try hard as well.
Stay the fuck away from Asians they're all tryingpans!
by 0MNIV0C4TI0N December 01, 2011
16 4
Not to be confused with a constipated dump, a clogged dump is when there is too much shit to shit out at once. This results in three stages of poop.

1st stage - Turtles (small droplings of shit)
2nd stage - Soggy snakes (Regular shit except soggy)
3rd stage - DIARRHEA

The aftereffects of taking this dump include: a torn anus, choking of the toilet, and a lasting feeling of relief and victory.
After an hour of nothing but sheer will and determination, Mohammed overcame his encounter with a clogged dump.
by 0MNIV0C4TI0N July 03, 2012
8 1