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The best way to secure the fact that you're going to spend your teenage years a depressed, lonely, suicidal wreck who'll spend there days watching tv and stealing their dad's Klonopin and vodka. Occasionally you actually do school work, but you usually just cheat cause it's a computer program and all you need is a password to get the answers. Which is defidently not good considering that you weren't that smart to begin with and will spend your life in a minimum wage job due to the the fact that you have no dreams or expectations for life. This is as good as it's gonna get.

This isn't the case for everyone, some homeschool kids have parents that, you know, bother to actually homeschool them and give a shit if they take 4 sleeping pills a night because they've got no reason to wake up, and it's much easier to sleep your life away instead of having to deal with the anxiety and disapointments of the outside world.

Also, some people don't hate themselves and the rest of the world.
person 1: Dude, my parents are gonna homeschool me, Yes, I can't wait to get to sleep in late and go to the mall during the weekday when there's no crowds! super fun!

me:Yeah..it is fun at first...until 9 months go by and you end up sleeping all day because you've got nothing else to do and you've practically destroyed any social skills you had because you've gone so long without human contact. Super fun indeed.
by 078567368684 May 24, 2007
The Bell Jar is the only novel ever written by poet Sylvia Plath. Plath is able to capture perfectly what it is like to be stuck in a pit of depression, and how it hard it is to dig yourself out, if you even can.
The book was semi-autobiographical of Plath's life. To protect herself and the charachters based on real people, she first published the book under the name Victoria Lucas. It wasn't published under her real name until 1971, 9 years after Plath's suicide in 1963.
(Spoilers ahead.)The book follows Esther Greenwood (The main charachter who Plath based herself on) who although is a striving young writer, finds herself spiraling downward into depression and eventually a suicide attempt. She eventually is put into a mental institution. Esther is given electroshock therapy, which, along with therapy helps to her to regain her sanity and cure her depression, which she describes in a most beautifully sad way, as being "trapped under a bell jar, stewing in her own sour air" (Spoilers end.)

The book's portrayal of coping with and overcoming depression has made it a classic that many women can relate to.
From "The Bell Jar"
(Esther is about to leave the asylum, and her doctor has told her to think of her past as 'a bad dream')

-"A bad dream.
To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped as a dead baby, the world itself is the bad dream.
A bad dream.
I remembered everything."-
by 078567368684 May 24, 2007

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