1 definition by 0147035

A woman who is ugly, fat, and tends to wear a do-rag or fake hair wig to work at a high end retail store. She is over the hill. She has worked for the same minimum wage job for the past 5 years. She begs at work. She will tell you horror sob stories to make you feel bad for her and in the long run will use this to get everything she wants. There is nothing you can do to get rid of her because she has everyone under her pity thumb.
Charity Case: you know girl, I use to steal people's wallets and use their identities. I worked for free just to prove I wanted a job, just to prove I was worthy. You know, my mom was in jail, my car was broke...
Gullible Person: Oh I feel sorry for you. Let me give you what you want.
by 0147035 October 15, 2010

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