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The great American passtime.
Sure, baseball is one thing, but come on.
by 010101010101010001011101 March 10, 2005
A school bus which is often used to transport handicapped students. I used to ride the short bus, but it was just a regular bus which happened to be around half the length of all the rest of the buses; not specially designed for the handicapped.
AJ enjoyed doing annoying things while we rode the short bus.
by 010101010101010001011101 March 08, 2005
Consciousism: The philosophy which says that the primary purpose of the existance of any conscious being, whether it be man, beast, machine, robot, or kangaroo, is to enjoy its consciousness for the maximum duration it can, and upon losing its consiousness, or at least physical awareness as it's known to the living or sentient, is to be remembered and thus gain an element of physically unconscious permanence.

Consciousism also states that consciousness and/or sentience is as real as anything that could possibly exist; it is not a mere illusion, since to perceive an illusion requires consiousness.
A believer in consciousism has little doubt that they exist and can interact with the world around them, and most likely has a desire to do so in a manner pleasing to them.
by 010101010101010001011101 March 08, 2005
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