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Vegemite is a thick black paste owned by a cheese company known as Kraft
many Australians enjoy Vegemite, Americans have been reported to spread it as thick as peanut butter not knowing its real power.
"Jimmy, would you like vegemite on your sandwich"
by 002 March 27, 2003
Windahs is the Australian way to pronounce the popular OS known as Windows
"oi cunt, i got windahs xp pro, you only got 98"
by 002 March 27, 2003
Help a brother out. Popular in the midwest.
"Shit, im stuck on the fence wit 5-0 comin! hbo dawg!"

"you got da weed? hbo foo."

"im outa toilet paper. hbo and get some asswipe."
by 002 April 03, 2003
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