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The lowest you can hit.
"Life is like landing on double zero"

Less than zero but greater than a minus value
by 00 March 13, 2003
Someone who thinks they are great at multiplayer games online when in fact they only have skills because of their fast internet connection and low pings.

Derived from "bufoon" but leeted upa little.

f00n also turns up as part of an algorithm conceived by Isaac Newton.
Most of the Counter-Strike community tbfh
by 00 March 13, 2003
insignificant person
"your about as significant as a m00k"
by 00 March 13, 2003
a fuckin ledgendary city in the south of england situated near some shit hole called southampton.
person 1: i fuckin love portsmouth its fuckin great
person2:ye what about southapmton
person 1:scummer cunts
by 00 May 09, 2006
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