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the act of cockblocking someone from a distance, this could be because you dont want one person to get with another or simply to ruin a party.
It is usually achieved by doing something outrageous or dangerous so you attract everyones attention in a certain area, such as running around naked at a social event.
It is also used by guys to stop their buddy's beer goggles as usually after such an event the effects of alcohol wear off slightly and judgement improves.
Guy 1: sorry for pulling a 50 yard cockblock at that party last night.
Guy 2: dont worry, man. I'm glad you did, the girl i was with was an absolute whale, it got her away from me!
by .brownie April 26, 2011
the process of getting take away drinks from a coffee shop and then sitting at outside tables or on the pavement in the middle of winter to avoid paying the ridiculously high VAT rate in the UK.
Guy 1: mate i really want a coffee but im like 20p short
Guy 2: thats cool man we can just do some cold cutting at starbucks
Guy 1: but its so cold!
by .brownie February 14, 2011
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