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Run together version of the words, "what's that?"

(Can be used to achieve a childish effect, as it is often said by young children who cannot properly form words yet.)

Sometimes shortened further, simply to, "w'sat?" or "sat?"
John: I just bought a Docform 2000!!
Ian: A Docform 2000? Whassat?
#what's #that #whasat #whosat #whas
by .Louieee July 29, 2009
Like I said before; like was said before
Jamie: "Is it okay if I crash at yours tonight?"

Matt: "You know I would let you if it was up to me, but my parents are in and they wouldn't be okay with that."

Jamie: "But I really need a place to stay!"

Matt: "That sucks, man, really. I would help you if I could but likesay, my parent's wouldn't have it."
#like #say #i #said #likesayy
by .Louieee July 13, 2009
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