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Site where some people come to ask serious questions and where some come to troll. Here are the types of people on this site.

Spammers: People who spam links to other websites.

Teenage girls: Most of them ask stupid questions.

Teenage guys: Most of them give stupid answers.

Trolls: Most ask racist questions.

Angry young women: Annoying people who rant at you for asking a reasonable question.

Angry young men: Annoying people who find it necessary to ask you a question in your question. (even if it has nothing to do with your question)

Creepy men: Most have the avatar with the guys that have squinty eyes and long hair and a big smile. They say perverted things to you.

People who shouldn't answer: People who answer for the points. They say things like "I'd like to know that too" or "I don't know"

People who don't answer/read the question (self explanatory.)

Then there are normal people

There is NO WAY to appeal to a report you get in your inbox, and so the only way to not get reported for sure is to not say anything at all.

PS- it is also funny as hell to get some idiot's account deleted.
Yahoo answers community sucks
Spammer: I just got a good deal on a laptop! I wasn't able to afford it at first because I couldn't find a good job, but I saved $150!! www.cheapstufffss.com!

Teenage girls: Q: OMG me n this guy had sex last night and I'm afraid I could be prgnant! HELPP!!!
A: i dont kno maybbe he lieek askd u out cuz he thot u wax cuul.

Teenage guys: Q: Is my penis small if it is 2 inches? Will I grow? I am only 15?
A: I would date you! email me at tomsuyfies@ehean.net! or Hey I'd show you the time of my life girl with my 13 inch!

Troll: Q: Why do black people like chicken? Is it in their dna?
A: All white people like mayo cuz their racist!
Angry young women: ex) Why do people like to suck up to popular people?
Their answer: The world doesn't revolve around you you know. maybe people would like you if would stop being so self-centered! (answer the question, dumbass.)
Angry young men: ex) Why do people make each other jealous?
A: Why do women feel the need to make us jealous? Why do women wear slutty outfits and expect us not to look? We'll never know the answer to your question.
Creepy men: Hey babe, I think your hot and I'd tap dat @$$! (avatar goes: <;D)
People who don't answer/read the question: Q: How do I make chili?
A: I personally like salads more than chili. (Who gives a fuck??)
by ....! January 29, 2011
That one girl who ALWAYS shows up around a guy you like and flirts with him. Just when you thought the guy was single, she comes and hooks up with your guy in less than a second.
That one chick became my crush's girlfriend.
by ....! November 20, 2010

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