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When your breasts are so big that they literally "bang" against your belly.
Some sluts tend to have big, saggy, bellybangers.
by ...? March 20, 2003
Great game released over any platforms.
Features a ninja that violently kills anything that gets in his way, including his sensei. The "I" stands for iron. Therefor the main charactor , Ninja, is an "Iron Ninja". The whole game reaks of bad karate movies!
Aw, look at the cute lil' ninja...!
Wait, did he just cut that guy in half!?
by ...? January 03, 2004
An essential part of any shopping trip which takes place when one has caught their breath towards the end of the trip, it is to simply look back and asess exactly what goods they have purchased with their cash, merely for their own benefit and maybe who else is with them.

This usually takes place on the platforms of various train stations pending on where the trip has taken place.
Josh: 'The Train ain't comin till 17:39'

Wilson: 'Oh no that is almost seven minutes away! what ever will we do in that time?'

James: 'Time for a purchase review.'
by ...? November 19, 2004

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