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{debdeb} The hottest thing created. A sexy and sensual body that all the guys want. So amazing that guys think about it all day and all night, wanting it but just can't have it.
"She has such a debdeb thing going there!"
by . March 29, 2005
extremely handsome individuals, very cuddly
by . September 19, 2003
1)A great band who know no restrictions in their music, and who really rock live.
2) bay area slang for a boring day, takeing bong hits.
1) The first time i heard Green Day, i coulnt belive my ears.
2) Today has been a green day, im so bored and wasted.
by . September 16, 2003
To be totalled battered on alcohol
Mate, you were leveraged last night.
by . January 24, 2005
another way to use "cute"
damn shes soo kyut!
omg what a kyuttie!!
by . April 07, 2004
Angry`Chakra from 2wai in disguise
When Chakra thinks no one is around he uses a barret and becomes a "barretard"
by . February 01, 2004
Kyam is such a cool guy and he is fun to be around!
Kyam is my friend :)
by . December 07, 2003

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