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3 definitions by -z-

Some net based persona who thinks he's the "man". In a sense he is, just because he loves anime and such. I just dont understand what this so called The_Wired is. As far as I know, it's the entire internet, an imaginary idea based on Lain. Whatever.
by -Z- August 08, 2003
2 5
A very hot Vid Game Character in Onimusha 2.
Oyu pwnz you!!!
by -Z- August 08, 2003
0 12
A site that is constantly visited on numerous occassions. So much so, that it is highlighted in another color than a normal link, so it is apparent that it has been visited more than once.
That guy has a permilink of pam anderson and tommy lee's sex tape on his explorer history...
by -z- November 06, 2004
2 19