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Virtually non existent.There is no fun in Iraq

(or Afghanistan}.

There is nothing fun about going to Iraq.

So Don't go to Iraq.
Is there any fun in iraq?

Are there any sexy bitches? No, they wear Burqas mostly

Is there alot of alcohol? No, lots of sand

Is it a giant fucking desert? Yes

{Drugs}? Mabye

IEDs? Defiantly.

by -where we came in? September 30, 2007
When you take too much LSD. Way too much. You fly so hard that you trip for the rest of your life. Theres no come down and no cure. You make your self permanently schizophrenic.
This is what happened to Syd Barret.

"Terry had a whole sheet of LSD in his pocket when he ran through those sprinklers. He snapped the string and has never been the same since.
by -where we came in? July 09, 2007

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