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a heartless human being usually male that takes joy in moving from one girl to the next either sexually or dating and does so in such a manner that they break and rebreak multiple victims hearts, players can be easy to spot or hard to spot easy to spot players usually bost and for unknown reasons are still able to attain victims hidden players are vile disgusting people who will pretend to be sweet, nice, loving, caring, compassionate but dont mean it and when their true form as a player is discovered its usually too late for the victim leaving them in turmoil, heartbreak, an emotional trainwreck
i cant believe players can be so notorious yet still continue to thrive
#hated #player hater #vile #disgusting #heartless
by -unknown munky- August 23, 2011
-a friend who is always there
-will wake up in the middle of the night to help you
-does not hold grudges
-cares for you
-is kind
-refuses to let you mess up your life
-is there for you even in the worst times
-a rare occurance
-puts you and other friends of his/her before themself
Without him i would still be depressed and probably drunk, he is a true friend
#wingman #airforce #civil air patrol #munky #loyalty #aquaintence
by -unknown munky- August 23, 2011
describing an action, person, animal, or thing

usually meaning terrible mean rude, heartbreaker, player, bastard, a heartless human takes joy in evil actions including breaking hearts destroying love, life, priceless family heirlooms,the normal well state of mind
-that heartless playing bastard broke her already shattered heart
-hold my stuff im gonna go teach him how it feels to have his heart broken...literally
-im gonna beat the shit outta him
#player #player group #bastard #ass #asshole
by -unknown munky- August 23, 2011
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