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4 definitions by -timmy-eugine-

Means anythig nagtive
Mr. T:Are You Happy
Bob: Schnay

Mr. T:I hate you
Bob: Go Schnay Your Self
by -timmy-eugine- March 21, 2007
11 6
It is a synonym of What
Mr. T: You are gay
Bob: Nyhor????

Mr. T: Your a Borgus
Bob: Nyhor
by -timmy-eugine- April 11, 2007
3 1
It is bag someone out, it is the complete opposite to Bobcat
Mr. T: Go and Schnay Your self
Bob: Stop Brickwalling me
by -timmy-eugine- March 21, 2007
5 9
A word with the same meaning as cool, it is the exact opposite to Brickwall
Mr. T:Look at my new car
Bob: Thats totally Bobcat
by -timmy-eugine- March 21, 2007
2 18