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indie, short for independent, is a normally classified as a music genre. indie music can be anything; rap, folk, pop, punk, international, etc. but is normally labeled as obscure and alternative rock. indie bands are not signed to big record labels, hence the name independent.

but now, indie has become another stereotypical label like emo, goth, prep, and the list goes on. before indie gained popularity, it simply defined people who were independent and did what they want. 'indie people' dress how they want, wear their hair how the want, listen to what they want, and be their own person. 'indie people' are very unique and most are individualists. no two 'indies' are the same.

independent movies and films have also been given the label indie. independent movies are films that have not been made popular and are made outside of large theater companies. indie movies are made with smaller budgets and no corporate funding.
i can't describe indie music, movies, or stereotypes because they are all different.
by -photo junkie- July 23, 2009

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