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A combination of a shit and a fart that results in having to change your underwear.
Dude, I just sharted...I'll be right back.
by -dH- August 30, 2005
A short form of maybe, that only cool people can use. Similarily, definitely can become defs, probably can become probs, and so on.
A: Are you going to the show?
B: Maybs, I hafta find some money. I probs have some in the car.
A: Well hurry up, we should defs get going.
by -dH- August 30, 2005
Abbreviation for That Is Really Funny (it's the new "lol"). It can also be used as an adjective to describe something funny, and when people ask what it means, you tell them, and then they say it doesn't make sense, and then you say to yourself: tirf.
That comment you made about that whore is really tirf.
by -dH- August 30, 2005
Used as a greeting or something to say when you're not sure what else to say, but you want to let the person know you have something to say.
A: hengh!
B: hey man, i just got back from burning the family dog.
by -dH- August 30, 2005

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