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Something that is incredibly awesome, may or may not be sexual arrousing.
The Powerpuff Girls Roxxors My Boxxors.
by -CyberPunk- February 06, 2005
Noun. A person or animal who cleans penises through: sucking, licking, spit shining or oiling. Much like a car wash for your cock.
Dude.... your a penor cleanor.
by -CyberPunk- May 23, 2005
A party or gathering that is over run with males and becomes borderline gay.
This is such.... a... Sausuge Fest
by -CyberPunk- May 23, 2005
Polite way of saying "suck my cock", compatible to blow me
Your a loser.
Oh yeah, suck my fat one ace.
by -CyberPunk- February 06, 2005
Slang for masturbation. see beat the meat or Pull a Toma
I gotta go and wax the dolphin.
by -CyberPunk- February 07, 2005
Porn that showcases pregnant women in it.
Damn! Those are some hot Prego bitches!
by -CyberPunk- May 23, 2005
To be just a little hungry.
"Are you hungry?"
~Nah, Im just a wee bit peckish.
by -CyberPunk- May 23, 2005
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