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EGLBC mean every girl loves big cock.
Brian always said EGLBC which meant every girl loves big cock but we knew secretly it meant "Extremily good looking Brian Carrol" :)
by -cM January 17, 2009
A person who is gay or homsexual and likes men.
As hot as Crystle is and he turned her down? Wow he must be a Port Hole Pirate.
by -cM December 14, 2007
A Carpeteer is a girl or woman who eats at anothers sushi bar AKA (vagina or pussy)

Note: a bit of a classy lady
Sheila is a full on carpeteer as you can see.
by -cM June 18, 2007
A dirt skirt: Is a cute girl you meet while she is young but who grows up white trash. You know she will always be trash and your sad cuz you would totally want to have sex with her later on in life.
Sheila was cute from day one but she'll always be a dirt skirt.

She is a total dirk skirt but I would still bang her.
by -cM June 18, 2007
Gutter Helmet is the act of getting a blow job from a dirty girl.
Tony always sneak's around with Jennifer so nobody see's then, be he secretly hopes for a little gutter helmet.
by -cM June 18, 2007
Someone who is or trys to be slick like a salesman (car or other) tries to basically pull the whool over others eye's Act's sort of too cool for school.
We went to Yuba City to play PS2 and low and behold there was Mikey acting all "White Shoes" on us.
by -cM December 14, 2007
When a guy is totally scared of talking or doing anything that may actually allow a girl to guy hook up. (And mind you the guy is NOT gay and he totally loves girls
I can't believe Chris did not score, he is such a "Pussy Faggot". Did you see how Jenny was hanging all over him?
by -cM July 10, 2008

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