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Another way to say the word shit. Can be in reference to anything of distaste to a specific individual. Can also be used to refer to something that everyone is aware about without actually specifically mentioning it.
1) Oh Snouch!! (In refrence to a flop in Texas hold'em)
2) Let's get this snouch outta here.
3) Check that snouch out!
by -alexaslani May 26, 2005
A guy who tries to hard to impress the ladies. The kind of guy who always seems to be dressed to a Tee, or always trying to act cool. In General someone that tries to hard..... poor guy.
Dude, stop acting like a Chotch
by -alexaslani June 08, 2003
A nice way to replace the word God inm pretty much any sentence.
Can also be spelt Panucchi which is the name of an Italian soccer star.
Holy Panuche!
Oh Panuche!
In all the glory of Panuche..
by -alexaslani May 26, 2005

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