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Where all the cool kids live. A small town, located anywhere where white trash kids live and play lacrosse and football in the summer and skiing in the winter or buck-tooth farmer kids drive tractors to school. After school the white trash cool kids go into town and act gangsta because they think they're beast. Non-locals just laugh their asses off. Nothing good comes from living in Cazenovia, you'll turn preppy and obnoxious JUST LIKE ME. :D

To live in Cazenovia you must either be white trash or drive a tractor to school. There is no in between.
Wow, he's white trash and ba because he's from Cazenovia, HAHAHAHAHAHA.
#caz #cazenovia #hicks #caznovia #redneckville #cazenvia #cazenvoia #loserville #loser
by -Your mother in a handbasket- January 07, 2011
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