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A show on nickelodeon that most people think is shit. However it's a very entertaining show.
Why you ask?
-Good graphics
-fast paced action
The sad thing is that it's a kid-saving-the-world plot which has been done over and over. But nonetheless a very entertaining show.
-OMG NOOEESS! Another show about a super kid?!!

-Shut up, you uber fag! Avatar: The last airbender is a great show.
by -Rabies- June 15, 2006
A Penicorn is a magnifficant creature with a penis as a horn. They are the very pets of the ancient gods! Some say that they are waiting for a soul as pure as a mountain river, to show their almighty presence to.
It is also said that even the slightest glance of such a creature blesses the beholder with eternal beauty.
Scientists from all over the world are trying to gather crucial evidence of it's existance to make an Eternal-Beauty-Potion and make millions. Naturally, ebaum is trying to find one to watermark it and put it on his site.
Omg! The animal that put out the city fire was a Penicorn!
- Duh!
by -Rabies- June 20, 2006
A person that likes to add definitions about himself on Urban Dictionary.
-Rabies-: Man, Rabies is the shit!

Other person: Who?
by -Rabies- June 20, 2006
Bad guys, is a series on newgrounds.com created by Chris Nosal. If you haven't watched bad guys yet, you do not belong to the kewl people and you get -1 cool points.
Go watch it!
Cool guy: Have you watched the latest "Bad guys" yet?
not-so-cool guy: Bad guys?
cool guy:*slaps* Go watch bad guys, you dickhead!

nuff said
by -Rabies- June 15, 2006
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