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okay listen...i live on the south shore of staten island. i am not a wigger,i am half hispanic, i am not rich by ANY means, i work as hard as my parents to support the family, i do not hav a nextel or valor suit, i do not drive a lexus, i do not live on toadt hill, my mom drives a crappy toyota corolla with 1 hub cap, and i do not wax my eyebrows or get a tan everyday. thank you.
north shore asshole#1- dont u hate those wigga bitches in south shore of staten island?

north shore asshole#2- yea they all lil rich russians and italians..
by -N.y.C- August 04, 2006
im tired of ppl thinkn that the ghetto is the same as "the hood" .... because most ppl are uneducated, the have no idea wat the real definition is...a "ghetto"...goes back to times of the holocost, when the jews wer put in2 a secluded section of a city or town. A ghetto consists of 1 race..and only that one race resides there, except for a couple of other ppl..lets put it this way..a majority of this certain area is 1 race....that is a ghetto, not a hardcore hood'...get it right.
Black guy#1 - yeah i live in the ghetto.

Black guy#2 - me too. most of my family lives there. i feel comfortable because most, if not all, of the people in my town are black, and only black.
by -N.y.C- August 04, 2006

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