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The kind of butter that makes a woman fat, in a pregnant sort of way, if it enters through vaginal intercourse. Ironically, this butter can be part of a fat free diet if consumed orally. The latter use is recommended for most women. Also commonly referred to as semen, jizz, love spit, etc.
Her: Rub some cocoa butter on my back, honey!

Him: I'd rather put some baby butter on your face, dear...
by -Matt Young, USMC December 07, 2007
(1) a disgustingly obese human being that is always decorated with food particles
(2) a dirty cum-stained whore
(I) That slop-spotted cornnibbler over there just wiped out the lunch buffet.

(II)Anthony went out to a bar in Vegas and woke up next to some random slop-spotted cornnibbler the next morning.
by -Matt Young, USMC February 07, 2008
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