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A trick beverage consisting of a full bottle of sleeping pills, viagra, and laxatives. The victim passes out, shits his pants and gets an erection.
I tricked Russel into drinking a Brown Tipi, and he shit himself with an erection. It was priceless.
by -Master Dan- November 04, 2006
You need a shot glass and a partner to create a Neopolitan Shooter. You get your partner to take a full pack of laxatives a few hours before, and when she has to shit, you assram her until her ass starts bleeding. You blow your load in her ass, and then get her to shit. You collect the mix of cum, blood, and liquid shit in the shot glass, and then take the shot of fluids.

Neopolitan Ice cream consists of white, brown, and red ice cream, and the shooter consists of cum(white), shit(brown), and blood(red) respectively.
Russel's mom helped me to take a Neopolitan Shooter. It was disgusting but satisfying.
by -Master Dan- November 04, 2006

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