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2 definitions by -Legion-

An albino tadpole is of course a white tadpole, this tadpoles usually come from a males testicle accompanied by semen. In other words an albino tadpole is jizz, cum, manonaise etc
'hey Debbie, let me fire my albino tadpoles in your dirt pond'
'Ok Ronald but don't forget the lube'
by -Legion- October 29, 2005
A good definition of cock tease could be 'wang' she posts cock twitching pictures on a site and says she will let you spiderman her. I think these are lies, all lies. Shes just teasing my twitching member leaving me with a dull throb. Thats what a cock tease is.
she stands there naked 'would you like some hardcore penetration?' you say 'yes!'. 'hmmmm? i can't be bothered now i'm tired' she said. 'your such a fucking cock tease Mildred!' you shout.
by -Legion- October 19, 2005