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When a male has an erection that resembles having a unicorn horn in his pants.
Example 1: "Hey Don, check out unicorn pants over there leaving that strip club."

Example 2: "Michelle's mom came home when we were messing around downstairs. She asked for help bringing in the groceries and I had a major case of unicorn pants."
by -Kley- December 03, 2007
Another way to say female Masturbation. The woman works the clitoris like a fiddler works the fiddle... side to side and very fast!
Man: You've NEVER masturbated?
Woman: Nope, never, that's gross.
Man: You're lying! All women play the finger fiddle on occasion.
by -Kley- October 16, 2008
A younger man who is banging, or trying to bang older women. For example, a 24 year old who's screwing, or trying to screw a 60+ year old.
Chuck: Dave, I saw you car at Rose's house last night. WTF?

Dave: Huh, Nothin'. I was helping her with her computer.

Chuck: Bullshit, you Prune Smuggler... did she take her teeth out first?

Dave: <silence>
by -Kley- December 06, 2010
When you show up to an event expecting to meet available men/women, but everyone is much older than you anticipated. This is a unisex term that can be applied to a bunch of old men or women.
Dave: Hey Chuck, you hit Flannery's last night right? Was there any hot ass to speak of?

Chuck: Hell no! That place was a Prune Fest last night.

Dave: Sweet! I enjoy the cougar prune from time to time. Maybe I'll head up there tonight!

Chuck: No, I'm talking about 65+ year old women. Like retired and on Social Security prune!

Dave: Even better!

Chuck: I hope your dick falls off.
by -Kley- December 08, 2010

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