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Screamo IS:
*A genre of music, specifically emotional post-hardcore, most of the time with an pop, techno or mathcore influence.

Screamo IS NOT:
*An kind of clique or group (unless that group being a band which labels themselves as screamo)
*A type of person
*A way to scream, that would be vocal fry, inhale, exhale, pig squeal, guttural growl, e.c.t
*An adjective of and kind, unless referring to a genre of music
Ways to use the word "Screamo"
*Wow, did you hear that new electronic, screamo band?

Ways NOT to use the word "Screamo"
*Ewe, did you see that screamo kid over there?
*All screamos are totaly gay.
*Wow that kid is so screamo.
*I want to learn to screamo.
by -Kisei- April 08, 2009

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