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Ah Amelia... She's like marmite really, you either love her or hate her. If you love her she'll be the bestest and most loyal friend you will ever have, however, if you hate her, she'll be your worse enemy. Whether it's her intense, sky blue eyes or her never-ending line of confidence that intrigues you, she is not one to fool. Known for her bubblyness and crazy personality she'll always put a smile back on your face when your at your darkest day. This girl is a charmer, she can rap any man's heart around her finger just with a flash of her cheeky grin. If you come across an Amelia, don't let her go, she will be your best friend, your passionate lover for if you get on the wrong end of this beautiful goddess-like creature then you will never here the end of it. She is one to watch.
Person 1: Woah, who's that girl?
Person 2: That's Amelia, you'll never see another girl like that again,shame.
Person 1: Well what can i do now?
Person 2: The only thing you can do, run and catch her you son-of-a-bitch!
by -J'aime tu- April 17, 2011

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