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Big Pun was by far the best rapper to walk in the face of the earth who died in February 7, 2000!!!!. He may not have had the heart or emotions of Tupac but no rapper came close to Big Pun in any way. Rhyming was not a problem for him. He could write a non rhyme novel or 100 rhyming verses on the same topic with equivalent efforts. But what makes Big Pun stand apart from all rappers is his flow, and the way he spit it. No one in the world can compare to it. Gangster wise, haha, the only person who may have had more need to kill then him would have to be Tony Montana. He started Fat Joe, he brought him up from the hood and turned him into a world rapping icon. Fat Joe promised Big Pun that when Pun died, Joe would supply money for his family, which Joe is now choosing not to do and has forced Big Pun's family to sell A 'Big Pun' charm worth $50,000 on ebay. But without a doubt, he was the best, smartest, lyrically talented rapper of all time. Big Pun Forever.
Big Pun "Dead in the middle of little italy little did we know we riddled with middle men who didn't do diddly" Enough said.
by -Hussain- October 08, 2005

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