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A Lame Asz Town In The Middle Of The Woods Outside Of Fayetteville, NC, Where All The Black Ghetto Pregnant Girls Live And Lumbee Indians. Some Of The People There Are Alright.
Kid #1 - Hey Where Do You Live?
Kid #2 - I Live In Raeford.
Kid #3 - Wow I Feel Sorry For You. You Live In That Lame Asz Town.
by -His_Shawty July 20, 2009
This Neighborhood In Raeford (Bucktown), NC Right Outside Fayetteville,NC Where The Rich Kids (& some less fortunate ones) & Rich White People Live & This Neighborhood Also Has a Whole Lot Of Stuck Haters Except Brittany & Calvin. Ya Dig & A lot Of Negroes That Just Wanna Fuck Everything With A Pussy & 2-4 Legs & Have No Respect For Any Girl that live there. & Some People Are just stupid In this Neighborhood; Its popular For Drama :)
Kid #1 - Yo What Neighborhood You Live In?
Kid #2 - I Live In West Gate.
Kid #1 - Yo 4real? Damn Yo Ass Must Be Rich Or Something. & I Know you got some drama up in there
Kid #2 - Something Like That. I'm know as the hoe of the neighborhood & I only did one person.
Kid #1 - Damn that must suck.
by -His_Shawty July 22, 2009

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