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A slummy, boring city in southwest Florida full of decomposing geriatrics and foreclosed homes. The social climate can be summed up as "spiteful grapevine." Everyone has a grudge against everyone else in Fort Myers. For this reason and many others, it is called Fort Misery by its locals.

Fort Myers, and Lee County at large, is so unbelievably boring that one of their main attractions is a patch of land overlooking brackish water with a fountain that looks like watersports porn from a certain angle. Also known as Centennial Park.

Don't take my word for it; look up Lee County sucks in Google.
Girl: "Where do you live?"
Guy: "Fort Myers."
Girl: "Oh."
Guy: "Is something wrong?"
Girl: "I'm sorry." *click*
by -Anonymous=-- March 02, 2011

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