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n. (bail-wail) a. Someone who leaves when they are needed.
Tim: Hey, John, can you help Harold and I move the furniture while you're here?

John: No, dude, I think I left my oven on. I have to go.

Harold: Your friend is such a bail whale.
by -Angel- July 15, 2011
n. (flake-a-sore-us-rex) a. Someone who is unreliable and never does what they say they are going to do.
b. The biggest flake you know.
Tim: Hey, John, I thought you said you were coming.

John: No, dude, I have to wash my dog.

Tim: You're such a flakasaurus rex.
by -Angel- July 15, 2011
V (Tey-buhl-gey-ting) a. To go to a restaurant such as Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a sporting event.
Tim: Hey, John, do you want to go tailgating on Friday?

John: No, it's going to be like 20° outside. Let's go tablegating instead.
by -Angel- September 09, 2011
n. (Mall-toe Meth-uhd) a. Actively being mediocre in a contest to play it safe in the hopes that the leaders will make a mistake and you will coast into first place.

b. To do like Sean Malto does.
Tim: Are you going to do something cool for the science fair?

John: No dude, I'm just going to use the Malto Method and make a volcano.
by -Angel- August 31, 2011

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