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defined as a pretty awesome guy. He's pretty attractive, until he cuts his hair. Then he's gay. but still awesome. He can be a flirt but when he has a girlfriend he's only dedicated to her only. He doesn't like to talk about his feelings, but if you're pretty close to him, you may be able to get something juicy out of him. He likes to make-out. A LOT. He won't try anything sexual on you unless you want to, so don't take it in the wrong way. He likes sports, video games, messing with his sister, and making out. He's funny but stubborn. If you don't text him in 3 days and he really likes you, no matter how much he expects you to text him first, he'll give in at SOME point.
girlfriend,"daddy you'll love my boyfriend! He's sweet, funny, and a little stubborn."
Dad,"Is his name Anthony?!"
girlfriend,"How'd you know?!"
Dad,"Does it matter? I might not even threaten to kill him if he breaks your heart.."

Love In the Air!
by -5.24.11.- June 15, 2011

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