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Ever notice how most of these entries are written by people who don't even know how to SPELL the drug they're using?
Anyways, marijuana is an extremely stupid drug to be using; it kills your brain cells, rots your teeth, makes your eyes bloodshot, and makes you look like a complete idiot while you're walking in slow-mo "appreciating the beauty" of the gum stuck in the cracks in the sidewalks.
If you really want to be in such a state of amazement and philosophy, why not sit down and THINK; use those brain cells instead of killing them off. No brain cells = no judgment. Who cares if you can think of everything while you're high if you don't have enough brain cells to be able to think anything INTELLIGENT?
Sure, sure; alcohol is bad, so is smoking, blah blah. No duh, people have been fighting against those for years as well as your "herb."
Overall, I'd rather be sitting on my porch with a dignified cigarette than "chilin in ma ma's baismint smellin' liek a stabel n takin a trip threw da univurse."
Marijuana smoker: umg im liek so hi i cnt evin tiep lollll. zomg wtf wuz dat? olol it wuz jus mi homie xDDdddd umg so war shud wee hung ot ltr/ u shud tri sum o dis its insain n ino ur mi lttl sista bt u ned 2 expeerins dis stf urly yno///?
by -.-' November 06, 2008

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