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Lots of people don't like 'lol' so my friend and I came up with Ooll. It's just Lol with an extra o!
A guy said to a girl;

"Your hair looks nice today"
She replyed

by --candyygal09 June 27, 2009
Changed/Modified to look/sound like Harry Potter.
Generally used by Harry Potter fanatics.
A young lady looked at her ordinary letter-box.
"Time to make it Harrified!"
She thought.

She then completly changed it to look Harry Potter-ish.

"Much better!"
she declared.
by --candyygal09 June 26, 2009
Truly awesome/amazing.
Mozart was performing his newest peice to his girlfriend, Ashley.

When he had finished, he removed his hands from the piano and looked at her expectantly.
She thought for a bit and then said
"Gee, that's super funkadelical!"
by --candyygal09 June 27, 2009

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