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A sweet gorgeous guy that can't help but have fun. He is down to earth, playful, and is very caring towards his girlfriend. Anthony means no harm, and just loves to joke around. He is what some might say a hunk. He has a super fine body, loves to play sports, and is good at almost everything. Anthony is a true sex god. He gets horny, and think he isn't much of a flirter. (He gave up trying on this amazing girl.) Though when it comes to people telling him how amazing he is, he denies it. He has actually crushed on this beautiful girl for a while, though they are not going out, he know she likes him. But he is afraid. He generally thinks that if he tells her how they feel she might get hurt, considering he is not quite ready for a relationship.
-Hey did you know Anthony wants to go out with this apparently amazing girl!!

-She really is amazing, she beautiful and pretty and her name sometimes gets mistaken for Megan.

-Oh yeah. Her names just Meg, I remember Anthony telling me that she was his Gem.

-Oh he told me too. How cute is that. They should defiantly go out.

-But Anthony is so fine!

-They deserve each other.
by --Unknown--2709 March 29, 2010

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