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3 definitions by --3993--

used in MSN minesweeper, bloo-bloop! is used to signify "that sucks." or "haha! sucks to be you!"
"Man, Jason Jensen just ran over my dog."

"www.homestarrunner.com hasn't updated their site in 2 weeks!"
by --3993-- June 18, 2005
(from simpsons) AND what SOME people say instead of fudgesicle. the nerve... :P
"can you get me a fudgical?"
"no, you loser, its a fudgesicle!"
by --3993-- July 06, 2005
the dangly-down thing between the legs of a kangaroo

that one time when i met joe at the store he was like.


nice narf.
Joe: "dude! your kangaroo has a nice narf"
Me: "dude. i know. its gigantic."
Joe: "i want one."
Me: "you'll get it someday. i can loan you mine if you want it, but you'll have to do a little dance for me"
Joe: "will that be polka or waltz?"
Me: "waltz will do."
*joe starts waltzing*
Me: "joe you're dumber than jason jensen. here's your narf"
by --3993-- July 11, 2006