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home of blackouts, earthquakes, slutty celeberties, arrogance, rapist basketball players, and the governator
Californian: Where'd the lights go? Why's the floor shaking?
Celeberty: Let's show our boobs or marry somebody for publicity.
Californian: We're the center of the world.
Kobe: I like 'em young.
Arnie: I wants to pump up de budget.
by ---Lo!s!er--- October 14, 2003
state with crappy roads and a town called Intercourse; the only good things about it are the sports teams of Pittsburgh; only state where people call their state by its abreviation (people commonly say "we are visiting from PA", not "we are visiting from Pennsylvania")
The Pittsburgh Steelers are the greatest thing in Pennsylvania.
by ---Lo!s!er--- October 14, 2003

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