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comes from the phrase 'Joke Topic' , which is a phrase used mainly on internet message boards/forums to point out a thread thats been posted for the sole reason to troll the whole board.
'This is obviously a Toke Jopic, since Mario is Italian and not Mexican'.
by - LinkIsSpartan April 11, 2011
a popular question asked on many PC hardware forums. When a person builds a computer he/she wants to know if it can run the most graphical advanced game of our time - Crysis. So a topic is made and the persons PC specs are posted for others to review.
Subject : Can it run Crysis?

Message Description: Hey ya'll. I recently built my dream computer with my newegg wishlist. I want to know it can run Crysis on MAX. Here are the specs:

insert PC specs here
by - LinkIsSpartan April 11, 2011
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