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1 definition by - (.Y.) -

Rafael or Ralph most of which have two sides, a dirty nasty side and a sweetheart! Ralph is a Hustler & ladies man! Very strong minded individual who is masculine, rugged strong, and very protective. Rafael has the goods in the pants and he knows how to use it! Rafael is handsome, has a charming personality, and is the guy that knows how to please a woman. Rafael is liked by many and envied by others - His personality lands him the chicks, his sexuality lands him the girls.

Ralph/Rafaels other side also presents him as a gentleman. He is loyal, and a romantic. He is a great lover! He loves to watch movies as he sneaks his hand up the skirt. He absolutely admires womans breasts and loves the "fish eye".

Warning! He'll take your girl and make her his ex. (after he exploits her and gives her the "dirty sanchez")
rafael, ralph, hot, sexy, tit lover, entertainer, hustler, lover, ladies man, fucken Ralph,

girl: OMG, Ralphie has the pretiest cock and he sure knows how to use it. I can't wait till I see him again.

guy: Fucken Ralph, he took my girl!
by - (.Y.) - February 04, 2010