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Stands for Non-Educated Delinquent. The stereotype is someone who wears white tracksuits, burbery cap, has a bottle of Buckfast (cheap alcohol) in his/her hand. Generally applied to the violent NED stereotype.
"S***, NEDs!"
by - October 05, 2003
A adv. used to describe something that is abnormally well done.
"That was such a good shawg it was tizik!"
by - January 11, 2004
adj. antonym of the word cool. originates from a misspelling of the word cool (ironically), but because of the fact that the only ones to make this mistake were, in fact, n00B fucks the word assumed it's own meaning. not regarded as at all derogatery due to the misunderstanding of meanings.
i M KeWl bUt i hAv n0 FrEnDS. i 1dR Y
by - March 30, 2004
German gluestick made by Henkel Dusseldorf. It is non-toxic (as defined in US 16 CFR 1500 3)
This Pritt gluestick is non-toxic, so lets eat some!
by - March 08, 2005
Term of endearment for Newfoundland
As they say on The Rock, long may your big good jib draw.
by - January 07, 2005
When someone has been conned/is controlled by someone else.
Milan is such a mack his girlfriend says jump and he replies how high.

Man i just donated to some guy in a wheelchair, and saw him stand up and walk away. Im such a Mack
by - July 14, 2004
A bodyboarding brand create by local boogers in Western Australia
man the valve team is releasing the preasure.. GO VALVE
by - April 01, 2003