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King of St. Thomas.
Holy shit, its fucking londei!
by - September 06, 2003
typical lame girl at your highschool
thinks toothbrushes are masturbation tools
by - January 21, 2005
Situation when someone has his/her watch upside down.
Sir, we have a jmd here. Please call some backup.
by - December 14, 2003
One who fakes orgasm while masturbating.
Richard Veroude is a no-good dirty hopster.
by - May 14, 2003
A galoof is generally used as an adjective, to describe one who is abnormally large and clumsy.
It of course comes from the word Goof except some complete idiot mispelled it for some reason or another.
That young lad over there is such a galoof, oh look he just hit his head on a ceiling fan.
by - November 10, 2003
band from Rochester,NY that'll thrash your bitch-ass face off!
"You going to see fight for it?"
"hell naw they suck"
by - April 07, 2005
Stands for Non-Educated Delinquent. The stereotype is someone who wears white tracksuits, burbery cap, has a bottle of Buckfast (cheap alcohol) in his/her hand. Generally applied to the violent NED stereotype.
"S***, NEDs!"
by - October 05, 2003
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