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A "cave-dweller" on edgeirc.net. The owner of this cave is highly sporadic about his sexuality; being primarily straight one moment to big flaming homosexual the next.
Tom Cruise crossed with Richard Simmons
by - January 07, 2005
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Act of sex or, sometimes, toking up. Floor rug where sex occurs. Usually found during the Hippie Era in an overly small flat or back of a van, pickup, or ground. Used because it's better for your back then the floor\wall\VW bugg.
After a few sticks, Snogmaster took Sunflower for a magic carpet ride.
by - February 01, 2004
43 45
Fag and/or Cigarette
by - October 30, 2003
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-an intellectual nigga, that strives hard to the bone up until he's will is achieved-
Yo nigga, blaqbone had the president compensate niggas for the 300 years of oppression, ya heard?..he's definately a true blaqbone
by - October 25, 2003
3 5
what P. Diddy does
no doubt i dont front you suckas
by - July 06, 2003
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a necessary act that took place on october 2nd, 2004. the night jess got his first piece of ass in carosi's living room will live in infamy.
lenin kennan! kennan can't stay out of school forever...
by - October 03, 2004
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clank I am Batman
I will kick supermans ass
by - January 12, 2004
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