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puchana es puchana
palabra inventada p0r mi i po0r l0oree ohh see ohh¡!¡
t0dos son un0s puchan0sss
by - January 20, 2004
Fat git who tells people he loves them then screws them around.
Thinks he can sing. Can't.
by - July 20, 2003
one pimp ass mothafucka.
"xone gets mad bitches"
by - July 17, 2003
Fat, perverted tosser.
'Waitey is such a dickhead'
by - July 15, 2003
The second hardest boss and the hardest God in Final Fantasy XI.
RNG: yay i hit Kirin for 1050 dmg with my Slug Shot!
MNK: yay i hit Kirin for 1700 dmg with Chi Blast at lvl 57 ^^
DRG: {Invite to join party.} {Please}
by - April 22, 2005
one who is a shitter of pants;see Joe Piccurio
hey look its joe the pantshitter
by - March 10, 2004
They think they are the best thing since sliced bread and wear Kappa tracksuits and think they are HARD. They also wear old granda hats( stolen off old grandad ). they hate Goths or hippies entering their ' space ' and think its cool to drink until their off their head, while others just think their stupid and point and stare!
' have ya GOTH the time ?? '
by - September 15, 2003

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