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fudgey is a term used for someone with light tanned skin, caramel or fudge colour, a very hot skin colour to have
"look at that fudgey skin, i just want to eat her!!"
by - November 16, 2003
sexy ass boys who broke up cuz of dumb shit omarion n they stupid manager
look at dose 3 fine ass niggas in b2k, damn they is sexy CRAZYstyles
by - January 07, 2004
Laughing out loud rubbing my stomach
<John> Lolrms!
by - December 09, 2003
The second hardest boss and the hardest God in Final Fantasy XI.
RNG: yay i hit Kirin for 1050 dmg with my Slug Shot!
MNK: yay i hit Kirin for 1700 dmg with Chi Blast at lvl 57 ^^
DRG: {Invite to join party.} {Please}
by - April 22, 2005
Neeta School is a middle school randomly placed in the middle of the woods. It's a poor excuse for a school. Every little child rides their bike to school due to the fact that Medford Lakes is about 1 mile wide and random trails lead to random places. When we finally move on to Shawnee High School, we are labeled as "Stoners", this is because about 98% of the kids that come out of that school alive tend to spend the rest of their lives smoking pot. The kids have nothing better to do so they ride their bikes every where and when they aren't smoking pot they are ordering bread sticks and pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. We like to pretend that we can afford to fix things, so when wholes form in the brand new gym floor, we put tape over it.. when water fountains get ripped out of the wall, we actually don't fix it at all, we just leave a giant whole in the wall. Our teachers have random affairs and harass the kids as much as they can. So thank you Neeta School.
an example of the outcome of this school would be the shady kids lighting their pieces in the nearest woods and sporting their hemp that they weaved themselves.
by - March 16, 2005
A person that plays with or pulls or slings their shlong.
Omg. Stop shling`n your shlong dan!
by - December 21, 2004
Third incarnation of the Nothing Nice to Say boards, after the untimely demise of omglikewhoa. Currently in an awesome stage, though n00bs are lacking.
We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of...Project Decoy...
by - February 25, 2004