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when you like a person or with a person and your friend starts to like/ or hook up with the person you are dating.
"jimmy is totaly steppin on toes, he knows that steve likes amy."
by - May 05, 2004
a modern term for a person who is very good at what he/she does.
that chitty is great at the drums
by - November 21, 2003
A word that describes a fool, cunt or moron who thinks he or she is the best thing that has happened to the internet. A Superterran is not aware they are as stupid as everyone see's them. They are scum scouring the east coast of the United States.
I have been acting like superterran lately, I have fucked everything all up and thought it looked good.
by - October 01, 2004
Sex Machine
Ask your girl who Kapone is -> see the reaction
by - January 02, 2004
A slang word originating in Mississauga, Canada, that is used to describe any person, animal, act or thing that is thought of as cute. A sentance containing the word nemoid often starts with aww.
Aww, Emma is such a lil nemoid!
by - December 20, 2004
A nickname often presented to men that have red hair, with arms the size of the atlantic. Oh, and a dick like a python.
Nobody messes with the aub man, he will hit you so hard that you will contract the west nile virus.

Dont cross the path of aub man, blind madness may occur; therefore ending you time on this world.
by - October 06, 2004
A subject dubbed the 'Freemack' uses it's palm to smack it's ass for the enjoyment of onlookers.
"Everybody loves the Freemack Smack".
by - May 20, 2004