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The process of inserting a fist up someone's rectum to achieve sexual stimulation
"You could do with a severe fisting."
by - August 04, 2002
get it on
she wants to jump my bones
by - March 29, 2000
REALLY high on something.....
ayo i juss blazed a biggggggg headdddd manz is gone high off da lalala
by - September 17, 2003
Huge, nice looking, somewhat disorganized clothing store found in malls. So huge that it's painful to look for something you like. Carries some cute clothing, but everything seems to be sized to fit starving toddlers or it's COVERED in sequins.
A shirt with Yoshi on the front I recently purchased from Forever XXI. Size M, feels like XS.
by - March 23, 2005
(abbr.) What's up? How are you? -- see sup yo
by - December 30, 2002
A car in the bay area. A bucket with dubs, knock, whistling pipes, tvs and dvd players, and all 4 doors open and hyphy cats in and out of the car like whaaa!
"Out the scraper window sayin, 'Whaaaa'"
- Doonie
by - October 18, 2004
A slang term used for disappointment, usually after plans have been made between two parties but one party just plumb forgot about it on the day of execution.
I had plans for something fun over the weekend but I've been AESHA'd because the person I made the plans with forgot about it.

I was supposed to contact my employer for an application, but because of my busy day, I decided to AESHA it instead.
by - June 14, 2004
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